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How to Prepare a Delicious Supper for Your Beloved One
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cookingMaking a delicious supper for your beloved one is a great way to show your love and that you are devoted to him/her. The thing is, though, that to prepare a delicious meal you don't only have to posses cooking skills and knowledge, but you must do it in a clean oven.

Preparing meals in dirty kitchen appliances is a very bad thing because they absorb the smell that the burnt dirt and food in the appliances emit. That is why most end of tenancy cleaners in London recommend cleaning after every cooking session. It is also a good idea to clean before you start the cooking, if your appliances are dirty.

To prepare food in a stained oven is like to prepare food in a stained pan. It is absolutely the same. The meal will absorb all of the smells and flavours that have remained in your appliance, and it will taste very bad. Your beloved one and you certainly won't like it.

If you don't know how to clean your oven, there is a very easy method recommended by professional post tenancy cleaners in London. It takes about an hour, though. Prepare a paste of one cup bicarbonate of soda, one tablespoon salt and quarter cup white vinegar. It has to be thick. Heat up your oven and spread the solution in it. Leave it to dry and scrape with a spatula. All stains and bad odours will disappear with the paste. Wipe with a damp cloth and the appliance is ready for use again. If you don't want to wait for the solution to dry, you can put some of it on a clean cloth and rub with it, but it will take you more time to clean the oven this way.

So, if you intend to surprise your boyfriend/girlfriend with something delicious, make sure your kitchen all cleaned up. Good luck.


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