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The Mythical Old Wembley
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Wembley stadiumThe legendary stadium of Wembley was considered as the world’s most famous football stadium due to the fact the English invented the modern game of football. Until the year 1951 the stadium was used by the England national team to play football games against Scotland. However after 1951 the English Football Association began inviting other national football teams to play friendly games at the Wembley Stadium. In the year 1999 the stadium was closed and three years later Wembley was demolished in order to be rebuilt as a new and modern stadium.

This ended five decades of magical football which the stadium hosted. During these fifty years England played a total of 223 football matches, 30 of these games were played against their greatest British rivals Scotland, another 18 games were played against Northern Ireland and 16 more games were played against Wales. Brazil and Germany are the foreign countries which have played the most games in old Wembley. Both countries have played a total of nine games. A total of 49 national teams have played against the England national team at Wembley. The national team of Hungary has always been considered as the “black cat” of England due to the fact that Hungary was beaten England six times in a total of seven games, including a 6-1 defeat to the golden team of Hungary which was led by legendary football player Ferenc Puskas.

The most memorable English victory at Wembley was the 4-2 win over the national team of West Germany during the final game of the 1966 World Cup. This game is not only remembered because of the fact that England won its only world cup but also because of the controversy that surrounds the third goal that the England team scored. If you are moving to London know that you will be able to enjoy football games at several stadiums including the new Wembley. To aid you with the moving hire a removal company London based firm. In terms of man and van Brent have the best firms in the city. 


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