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Clean Your House for Christmas
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CHristmasChristmas is after one month and four days, and the spirit of the holiday can already be felt in the air. Trade centres have started decorating and lowering the prices, the streets are colourful and beautiful at night, because of the lights and decoration, it is absolutely amazing. I can't wait to see this year's celebrations in London.

You are probably excited for the best family holiday just as much as I am. And I won't even mention how impatient my children are to get their Christmas presents. I haven't bought them yet, though. I actually don't even have an idea of what to buy them. I expect to read their letters to Santa Claus, so to get an idea of their wishes.

But let me tell you how I prepare my house for this amazing holiday:

  1. I always clean everywhere, first, starting from removing the cobwebs and cleaning the windows.
  2. After that I remove the dust from all pieces of furniture. For the upholsteries I use the vacuum cleaner, and the rest I dust with a cloth. I don't like how feather dusters work, because they push a lot of the dust particles in the air.
  3. I vacuum the floors well. I check if there are any stains on my carpets and treat them with the proper detergents. I don't want my guests to get disgusted from the spots that my dog has left.
  4. I always clean my kitchen before and after I cook the Christmas dinner. My meals become very delicious this way.
  5. The guest room must also be cleaned because my parents always come for Christmas.
  6. The last thing I freshen up is the bathroom. I use only natural products for the purpose, as I don't want to pollute the air in my house.
  7. After I clean everything I gather my family, so that we can all decorate the Christmas tree and the whole house.

Such preparations guarantee that you will have a wonderful Christmas Eve. If the above chores seem too much work for you, though, check out what professional cleaners offer here.


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