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How to Make Toilet Training Easier Through Clothing
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There comes a time when your baby is no longer a baby, and things like diapers are outgrown and effective toilet training should begin. Some toddlers find toilet training not too much of a problem but others have a real hard time dealing with the concept and all that’s involved. Just like any new skill that needs learning, start by introducing the child to the concept altogether and provide them with a valid reason why things should be done in this way. Or use another persuasion technique that works with your child.

The next stage of the exercise is practical training, in order to make the whole ordeal easier for the kid and yourself try to avoid overly complex clothes, instead go with easy to slip on and off items which don’t have too many zippers, buttons, belts etc. Lego wear UK have some good examples of such clothing so check them out if you are going to be doing some shopping for toddler clothes.

Another useful tip that should make things easier is to abolish the overall type of clothing and start your toddler on tops and bottoms, it will make them feel grown up and make going to the toilet a whole lot easier. Lego wear UK are a leading manufacturer of toddler and kids clothing so see if they have any good deals on the type of clothing you were after. Stretchy waste bands on pants and tracksuits should are also preferred over buttons, zips and such, as the child can slip them off in a single motion and get the job done, without risking little accidents like poor timing. Girls in toddler age seem to have it easier as they mostly wear skirts and dresses, which makes going to the toilet super easy. Refrain from dressing your boy in such manner though, despite their toilet training learning curve. If your kid likes to take it all off when going to the toilet, which is not uncommon, let them have their way but instruct them to lose the shoes only – this makes taking off the pants easy.

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